What is a Commission?

A commission is a painting I was asked by someone to paint.  It could be a painting of anything - a dog, cat, car or landscape.  A commissioned painting, such as a pet portrait, makes an exceptional gift for a loved one.

Do you have a photo which you would like turned into a beautiful work of art?  I'd be happy to take it on! Send me an email (cchao@telus.net) to inquire.   

  8" x 8"      $150

  8" x 10"    $175

  9" x 12"    $200 

11" x 14"     $250

12" x 16"    $300

16" x 20"    $400

NOTE:  Prices in CDN              


"Daphne" by Caroline Chao
  • I use a photo as reference.  You can supply the photo(s) or I can take photos for you.
  • A small painting takes a week or two to paint and another week to dry.
  • Other sizes are available.
  • The above prices are for one subject.  There's an additional fee for additional subjects.
  • Complex background, complicated clothing or significant changes from the photo may incur additional charges.
  • Shipping is available for a fee.